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Family vacations in Costa Rica


As one of the world’s greatest destinations for family vacations, Costa Rica invites to you and yours to discover the natural beauty and welcoming culture of Latin America’s ecotourism gem. Our expert guides can’t wait to introduce you to these endless treasures, sharing the hidden secrets of one of our favorite custom trips ever.

Toys of childs in your family vacations


From lush, green jungle to white sand beaches, Costa Rica is the ultimate playground.Taking the family on vacation is all about making memories. The family vacations are the most enjoyable, you will have an awesome time and will be with the people you love the most.

Surf table for family vacations


For the family vacations, this destination has to offer entertainment options and activities to amuse travelers of all ages, as well as a selection of dining and lodging that can accommodate groups. It has everything for budding nature-lovers and adventurers. We’ll look into an active volcano and go whitewater rafting. There’s a walk on hanging bridges up into the forest canopy, and wildlife. Let us save you time so you and your loved ones can relax more!


Not only is Costa Rica one of the world's most family-friendly destinations, but it also boasts a sensory overload of unspoiled scenic beauty, a fantastic variety of flora and fauna and of course a scrumptious array of local dishes and fresh tropical fruits.

Reasons Kids Love Costa Rica Travel Tips

Family vacations for every age


Kids need to interact with their environments, not just look at them. When yours get tired of hiking through pristine jungles, schedule a family friendly adventure to mix things up a little. We spent the day at a hot springs warmed by a volcano and explored a riverfront cattle ranch on horseback. For families with older children, Costa Rica o!ers river rafting, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, and zip lining too. For those who don’t mind their wildlife on the creepy and crawly side, there are even night tours of the jungle.

Abundant animals in your family vacations


Costa Rica packs a lot of wildlife into its borders, though you may need some help actually seeing it. With a good guide and a pair of binoculars you’ll almost certainly see toucans, bats, sloths, monkeys, and colorful poison dart frogs. There are also caiman, iguanas, lizards, turtles, coatis, and snakes. Finally, Costa Rica is home to six species of wild cats, though they are rare and very good at hiding.

Safe oceans in your family vacations


Whether you visit the Pacific or Caribbean side, Costa Rica is far enough south that the water is warm enough for swimming all year. With climate change, the weather patterns of the past aren’t as reliable as they used to be. That said, if sunny conditions matter to you, the high season (roughly December through April) will generally be hotter and drier, while the green season (May through November) will be slightly cooler with a couple hours of rain every day.

Easy access in your family vacations


Over 25% of the country has been set aside as a national park or preserve. As you’d expect, some of the loveliest areas are remote, but many others have parking lots, canopy bridges, and paved paths.

Unique experience

Here, spend the days experience the flora and fauna, elsewhere, get in touch with the land by rappelling, rafting, swimming, horseback-riding, and even surfing all over it.

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